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Feelings of guilt

For breaking someone’s heart


Flowing from her eyes

Down her cheeks…


When she thinks 

She has no more tears to cry

When she thinks 

She’s felt enough pain

When the future looks gray and cloudy

And the sunny days are long gone


What can she do except hang in there

What can she do except take it one day at a time?

The pain feels unbearable sometimes 

But she has no choice but to go on


November 20th, 2019



I’m saddened and in pain

Heartache is visiting me again


She wants to stay for a while

But I’d rather that she’d not 


She came unannounced and

Took space in my heart

There is not enough breathing room for me

Discomfort is what I feel now


But a guest has arrived 

And I need to be polite 

I’ll have to accept the discomfort for now

She will leave in due time


13 January 2019



There is a little ache in my heart
Sometimes I try to ignore it
Sometimes I give it attention and acknowledge it
Sometimes a few tears fall from my eyes

Heartache has no cure
It needs to take its course
Medicine can’t help
Neither can herbs nor potions

I’ll stay with you heartache
Till you’ve been satisfied
That you’ve made your presence known
You’re not something I can ignore or avoid

January 22nd, 2018

That’s life!

“Surprise and challenge in
Heartache and joy out!”

I think this pretty much explains life
There are always surprises, big and small

What we plan does not work out
What works out, better than what we planned

Challenge is on-going like the waves of the sea
There is respite, but not for long

Heartache always visits us
But what we’ve got to do is to let go
Feel it deeply and let go
Accept it as part of life

Joy always returns and washes the pain away
The sun always returns another day

Lida Berghuis
March 9th, 2013

*Mark Nepo