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We were fifteen
The cream of the crop
From all over Iran
Wide eyed and ready to take on the world

Idealism was the order of the day
Most things seemed possible at the time
Yet we had a lot to learn

Now, we’re fifty
Time has passed
We have scattered all over Iran
All over the world
No longer naive, we have experienced life
We have experienced love and heartache

Perhaps we now know the value of
Friendship more
Won’t take it for granted, if we once did

Each of us has forged a path
Done wonderful things
Challenges have been there too
But that’s where friendship comes in

Now our messages criss-cross the world
Weaving a web of love as they do
Perhaps a love exists that didn’t exist before
Living life has taught us this

We were fifteen, and now we’re fifty
My dear friends, it couldn’t be better than this!

Lida Berghuis
June 30th, 2015

A window to my past

A window has been opened to my past,
But don’t many things in life happen unexpectedly?

I’m now in touch with friends from high-school
Some still in Iran
Others living all over the world

We are all 35 years older now
But we share a special bond
Because of the year we spent together
In grade nine

Students from across Iran
Gathered in the Dabirestane Daneshgah
In the city of poetry and love, Shiraz

They’re now once again scattered across Iran
And across the world
In Australia, Canada and Denmark…

Messages are sent back and forth
Pictures and poetry is shared
Friendships forged years ago
Are still alive and well!

But there is one thing that casts a shadow over this joy
And that’s the lack of freedom of Afif,
One of our dear friends….
Nevertheless this sadness is mixed with thankfulness
Because at least we have contact with him

The love and friendship I feel from everyone warms my heart
The love we all have for dear Afif is evident and clear
This connection after so many years… is unreal!