I look out the window
I feel so alone
Alone in my home
Alone in my community
Alone in bearing the burden
Of my pain and sorrow

I don’t have enough energy
To reach out
I long for contact and company
And for loving arms to hold me
And tell me things will be fine


Worse than pain and sorrow
Is the feeling of being alone
Because no matter what troubles you face
Everything is more bearable
When you have a friend
A true friend you can call on
A true friend who won’t judge

And the difference between sanity
And the feeling that your are about to lose it
Can be as simple as
The kind words of a friend
Their radiant smile
Their listening ear
Their time

The difference between
Helplessness and the willingness
To hang in there and try
Is the heartwarming thought
That there are those
You can call on
In moments of crisis
And that they will take the time
To let you unburden your soul
They will provide the balm
That will help you carry on

The Ultimate Friend is always there
But you also need the caress
The soothing words
The listening ear of a friend
One with whom you can be real
And share your intimate thoughts

If you are lucky to have such a friend
You notice that everything hurts less!

Lida Berghuis
March 11th, 2011

One thought on “Friendship

  1. The power of friendship runs very deep when it is “real”…

    You’re not alone because you are always One with the Infinite.

    May we all break through the barriers that keep us from recognizing that peace and wholeness is within us and eternally has been 🙂


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