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Who you truly are

Embrace your struggle

It’s what will make you who you are

There are lessons you must learn

Gifts you must discover

And working through your struggles

Is how you will achieve those things

By overcoming your challenges

You will become the unique person who you are

They remove the veil and show what’s inside

Without toil and labor you are like a blank canvas

With them you can paint a lovely picture

So embrace the vicissitudes of life

They are gifts if you know how to open them

June 29th, 2021

The writer’s canvas


“A painter paints pictures on canvas

Musicians paint their pictures on silence”

A writer paints her picture on the tablet of the readers’s heart

Words are the paint

Some vibrant

Some subdued

Words are the paint

Sometimes splashed across the page in rage

Sometimes applied with gentleness 

Words are the paint

They create a masterpiece

From ordinary subjects

Words are the paint

The colours endless

Words are the paint

The pictures they paint bubble up

From the soul of the writer and

Mesmerize the observer

Words are the paint

The paining a reflection of the spirit of the writer 

March 16th, 2021 

Sadness is the paint!*

The trials and sufferings of life are the medium
The canvas, what we must find to reveal the beauty
That can come from the trials of life

The paint is not enough
Sadness does not translate by itself
Into a work of art
The canvas, what we much search for
There is work to be done
Habits to let go of
New understanding to emerge
Virtues to be developed
Wisdom to be gained

Then we will realize
The gifts sadness has brought
The paint it has provided us with
And we can use this gift
To make a beautiful piece of art!

The trials, the paint
Our understanding, the canvas
The work of art a testimony to our growth!

Lida Berghuis
March 27th, 2013

*Mark Nepo, The book of awakening