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Love is what life is about


Love is what life is about

The encouraging words of a friend

A thoughtful gift sent in times of illness

A phone call to see how you are

And even though these things happen sometimes

During challenging times

The love one feels 

Makes one feel alive

And cheers one’s soul

Love is what life is about 

October 29th, 2022

Deep love

The pain of separation
One I’ve felt before
It tears at one’s heart
But one feels alive

The pain can be pushed away
or buried away
But gone will be the feeling
Of being alive

This pain is not to be avoided, but endured
This pain is the proof of a deep love

Lida Berghuis
March 1st, 2013


Oh, to be passionate about something!
Oh, to have found that something!
You will hear the birds sing!
You will see the sun shine!
You will smile a radiant smile!
You will know why you’re alive!

It took me a while
To find that something
The clues were there
From the time I was young
But it took a while
For the fire of passion to ignite

I’d see a little spark here
A little spark there
And as they were nurtured over the years
A few fanned into flames

I felt the warmth
It saw the light
It felt love
And the night became bright

Things I’m passionate about make me smile
Make my heart sing
They are things I can’t do without

Now, I try to keep fanning the flames
Because there is nothing more beautiful
Than seeing this bon fire burn

Lida Berghuis
May 29th, 2011