Oh, to be passionate about something!
Oh, to have found that something!
You will hear the birds sing!
You will see the sun shine!
You will smile a radiant smile!
You will know why you’re alive!

It took me a while
To find that something
The clues were there
From the time I was young
But it took a while
For the fire of passion to ignite

I’d see a little spark here
A little spark there
And as they were nurtured over the years
A few fanned into flames

I felt the warmth
It saw the light
It felt love
And the night became bright

Things I’m passionate about make me smile
Make my heart sing
They are things I can’t do without

Now, I try to keep fanning the flames
Because there is nothing more beautiful
Than seeing this bon fire burn

Lida Berghuis
May 29th, 2011

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