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The story

Judging someone by the colour of their skin
Is like saying it makes a difference what colour paper
The book in printed on

It’s the words that matter
The colour lends diversity

Judging someone by their view point in life
By their beliefs
Is like saying a particular font is better than the others

Judging someone by their nationality
Is like saying there is only one place
Where the book can be best published

Let’s pay attention to the story
The essence of what it means to be human
The rest is secondary

May 4th, 2017



Do you sometimes want to break your own rules?
Eat frozen waffles for breakfast?
Take two cookies instead of one?
Heck, start the day with ice cream and pie?

Do you sometimes want to put discipline aside?
Skip grocery shopping to write?
Spend hours on Facebook and WhatsApp
Let the dirty dishes pile up?

Do you sometimes want to set caution aside
Just walk up to someone and say Hi
Laugh out loud in a quiet coffee shop?

Sometimes it’s OK to be ‘bad’ for a short time
Do what you normally would not do
As long as others are not harmed
Eat that greasy food
Arrive late
Walk out of the house with your robe de chambre

The sky won’t fall
You won’t die
The earth won’t move
Everyone will survive

So, let’s chill out once in a while
Eat food past its best before date
Walk out of the house without makeup

And perhaps then we’ll realize
No one is stopping us
No one is judging us
Except us!


January 22nd, 2016


This is good, this is bad!
So goes the thinking in my head sometimes
I’m too late, It took too long
I was so much more productive yesterday
That must mean yesterday was good
And today is not!

I’ve noticed I judge too much!
Not only others
I judge myself too much!
I’m tired, and that must be bad!
I have to much to do, that can’t be good!
I’m bored, and that surely is bad!
Actually that hasn’t happened in a while!

My point is
I judge the situation too much
It is what is
It’s neither good, nor bad!
It’s just the state of affairs as they are
And this state is bound to change
That’s how things are in this life!

So, in the meantime
Why be so judgemental?
It is what it is on this day
And it will surely change in the days to come!

Less judgement means less stress
Fewer negative thoughts
Less worry
And much more love
For who I am now and
For what is right now!

Lida Berghuis
October 4th, 2014