The ego dissipates

The ego dissipates
Even if it is momentarily
I, me and mine
Melt away
Calm replaces anxiety
The way appears more clear

And as my hand made
Statue of myself
My design
Breaks down
It is built anew
A better design
Replaces mine

I recognize my place
In the universe
Infinitesimally small
Yet, I can be guided
By the hand of the Divine

I have the map
The way is shown
The journey is long
And starts anew
Each morn

The ego dissipates
Melts down
Doors open
And I begin to walk

Lida Berghuis
July 14th 2011

2 thoughts on “The ego dissipates

    • Thank you Sue. This poem was written after visiting the Baha’i Holy places in Israel. The concepts are inspired by the Baha’i Writings. is a great website to get an overview. I also love Rumi’s poetry and am inspired by the concepts in his poems. Thank you for your comment.


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