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Golden cage

Should I mourn the time lost?
Should I cry over spilt milk?
Should I wonder what if this or that?
Should I think of what could have been?

It’s all water under the bridge
It was what it was
Can’t change a thing

I can dwell on it
I can feel sorry for myself
Or, I can count my blessings
And be happy again

Sometimes I wonder
Why we are so attached to this life
This life that brings us sorrow
And tests and trials

And how does the human spirit overcome?
How does is endure and not break down?
How does joy replace sorrow?
How do we start to laugh once more?

These questions remain unanswered
Most of the time
But I’m sure eventually
We will find out

The veil will fall from our face
We will see clearly
What was vague

But until then
We must sing our song
In this golden cage
We call life


In the long run…

Those who are the victims of terror
Will be missed
Their lives were cut short unjustly
But their spirit has soared to the etherial realm
The bird of their heart has been freed
From the cage of their body
And they will be the recipients of the mercy of God

Those who commit terror
Are doing the greatest disservice to themselves
Sooner or later their soul will leave their body
And then what will they have?
Paradise, as they have been told?
I think not!
They will have to carry the weight of their
Guilt and remorse for the rest of time

November 19th, 2015
Lida Berghuis


Don’t need fancy words to communicate
engaging thoughts and ideas
Don’t need rhyming to call it poetry

Poetry has been released from the cage of tradition
And is flying in the atmosphere of freedom

On the wings of imagery and metaphor
Through words that are understood by all
Poetry is leaving the land of the elite
And entering the world of ‘every man’

Lida Berghuis
July 25th 2015
Anniversary of passing
of Ahmad Shamloo

My Shield

Fragile,and art is my shield
It saves me in the battles of life
I still get bloodied and bruised
But have the strength to carry on

When the world and its mundane things
Its troubles and toils
Try to bring me down
I seek refuge in art

When the physical world becomes like a cage
Art is the hand that opens the door
My spirit can then roam in the ethereal world
It can be refreshed and renewed

Poetry, music, the beauty of art
Connect my soul to the spiritual world
Where joy abounds
Where it’s peaceful!

The other D-word!*

Death may not be an uplifting topic to some
But I think it does actually uplift us
Up out of this physical plane
Which despite our attachment to it
Does cause us much sorrow and pain
Up out of this world
Where we struggle to choose good over evil
And upon our death
Our spirit is released from its physical limitations
And like a bird flies out of its golden cage

Death is a continuation of this life
I prefer the concept of life after life
But perhaps our spirit will be in a more developed state

The dream world is a sign of the existence
of realms beyond this realm
Where we can communicate with those who
Have arrived there first

Perhaps we fear death
Because we fear annihilation
But what if death is the release of our spirit
From its material form
And its continued existence in a higher state!

Lida Berghuis
October 6th, 2013

*The first one being Depression
which I wrote a poem about earlier!