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Change of plan

I had it all planned out
After agonizing search and contemplation
I had settled on a path…
I knew what I was going to do…
I had figured it out…

And then suddenly
Out of nowhere, it happened!
The situation changed
All my plans went out the window
And the door closed in my face

Why now?
Why this change?

First there was shock and disbelief
There was anger and confusion
My plans, the ones I had ben working on
For so long, had to change

I spent a lot of time in the valley of
Disbelief and shock
Not knowing how to get out

There must be something good
In this new situation that has come my way, I thought
But that thing was hard to find

Yet, gradually, unbeknownst to me
Things were falling into place
Another door had opened and I was
Walking through it unconsciously

It took me a long time to become
Aware of this new path
This new arena I had entered
But overtime I began to see it
I began to understand the wisdom
Of what had happened
A door had closed, but another door
Had opened

Now, I do make plans
But I stay open to what comes my way…

Lida Berghuis
September 7th, 2015


“Vulnerability is the birth place of love, creativity
joy, and belonging”

One has to risk rejection to find love
One has to be open to trying something new and untested
to be creative
One has to have known sorrow to know joy
One as to share one’s weaknesses to be welcomed
into an authentic relationship with someone else

It’s easy to show our happy, together,
confident, optimistic side
It takes courage to show our pain, sorrow,
insecurities, and doubts

It’s easy to play it safe, afraid of making a mistake
It takes courage to take a leap of faith

It’s easy to decide when the outcome is clear
It’s more difficult to accept the uncertainties of life

I used to want a letter from God
telling me which way to go and what to choose
I now know that growth comes from making the
best decision with the information I have
knowing that it may not lead me to the desired destination right away
but that eventually I’ll find my way

Life is not a straight line
It’s a jagged line
or perhaps it’s a meandering river
going to the right or the left sometimes
but all the way adjusting its course
to reach the ocean in time

And the way to accept this perceived imperfection
in our path in life is to realise
that in any case
we are worthy of love
and we will be loved!

Lida Berghuis
December 16th, 2014

*Brene Brown