When colour seems to have
Drained from your world
When all you want to do
Is stay home
When you’ve tried to shake it off
For the thousandth times
When you think you can’t go on

Don’t despair
Hang in there
There’s a way out of
This tunnel of gloom
Don’t give up
Keep searching
You’ll be able to smile again

Your patience will be tested
Many times
Your prayers seem to fall on deaf ears
Progress can be slow
But be assured
In this battle
You’re not alone

Many people have been
Where you are
Many people are willing to
Help you out

When heavy chains seem to
Weigh you down
When you live life in slow motion
Most times
When everything you need to do
Seems like a giant task
When creativity seems like a
Thing of the past

Don’t despair
Don’t give up hope
The first step is to reach out
And let someone know!

Lida Berghuis
January 31st, 2012

2 thoughts on “When

  1. Love the rhythm of this poem. I like the way you allocate power and sentiment to each element of a phrase by putting a line break after it – it makes us read it in a certain way, I suppose. I can imagine someone reading this like a speech, or a sermon!


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