I choose love!

When I choose love
I know there will be pain involved
So, do I let go of love
And live a life that is safe?
I think not!

I choose love
And I will take the pain
Because a life without love
Is even more insane

Without love
Life is colourless
Without love
Life is not worthwhile
Without love
Life has no purpose
Without love
Why should I be alive?

And yes, sometimes
When I choose love
Life becomes as clear as mud
Confusion reigns
And emotions fly
But in the end
It’s all worthwhile
Because without love
Life is colourless
And dark

So, colour me beautiful
Colour me joyful
Let love inspire me
Let love be my cause
And if I suffer
If I feel pain
It will all have been worthwhile!

Lida Berghuis
February 27th, 2006

Inspired in part by Khadijeh’s lament
Smith and Dragoman

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