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Soul Spa (2)

Tic Toc!
Time to lighten up!
Why so serious?
Where is that smile?

I know sometimes
Things get in the way
The washing machine suddenly breaks
Your colleague in is Montego Bay!

I know it’’s cold outside
All this snow to plow
And the garage door
Won’’t come down

It’’s time to transport yourself
To an imaginary place
The place kids go
When they want to play

Where you can temporarily relax
You are not in the Caribbean
But don’’t lose heart!

Time to think of something
To laugh about
I’’m sure you can find something
Somewhere, somehow

Oh, I can see that smile
Taking shape
You must have thought
Of something absurd

Joy and laughter
Our soul spa
Need to go there
From time to time

Even when it’’s cold outside
Even when we have so much on our minds
Especially when times are busy and tough
Then it’’s time for a soul spa!

Lida Berghuis
February 2, 2011

Let me be silly!


Sometimes I just want to be silly
Giggle and laugh at anything
Life is too short
And too complicated
To be serious all the time
We need to lighten up
And take one day at a time

We get so serious when we get older
It’s much more fun to be a child
Why do we forget how to play
To be a princess or a pilot in the sky?

The responsibilities of life
Weigh us down
But I’’m not going to be
Weighed down

I’’m going to take the time
To laugh and play
To smile at the things that
Life brings my way

So, I guess that makes me
Seem immature or undignified
But I don’’t think that’’s what dignity’s about

I don’’t mind going against the norm
And if I end up breaking some rules
At least I’’be been true to myself
At least I won’t have any regrets

Lida Berghuis
March 24th, 2004