When the center shifts!

When I was a child
I felt like I was the center of the universe
The world revolved around me
My plans
My wants
My needs…

When I got married
The focus shifted
To us, from me…
We planned things together
We made decisions together
The center seemed to be
Somewhere between Albert and me

When I had Natalie
The center shifted once more
My daughter became the center
And that was something to get used to

Sleepless nights
Restricted freedom
A child who needed attention
All the time!

When Natasha arrived
Natalie had to share the center with her
And that was not easy

We now had two daughters who needed attention
Two children who took turns
To wake up at night!
The joys were there too
And still are
But once the center shifts
It’’s forever gone!

Nicholas arrived
And the center shifted again
Our needs were now
Fourth or fifth on the list
And we were nowhere near the center!

No longer the center of the universe
No longer the object of attention
This is what parenthood means
This is how we grow within!

Lida Berghuis
April 9th, 2004

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