Embrace pain!

“The hurt you embrace becomes joy”*
Pain is necessary for growth
You don’t have to look for pain
It will simply come your way

The hurt you embrace becomes joy!
If you accept it and
Listen to its message
If you let it shape you
And build you anew

The hurt you embrace becomes joy!
Leads to understanding
Leads to emptiness
Leads to humility
Leads to accepting kindness

This is the way of the world
So don’t run away from pain
Embrace pain and sorrow
Live with them
Learns from them
Let them lead you to somewhere new

The hurt you embrace becomes joy
If you fight it
It will fight back
If you let go
It will let go too

Pain is like the broom of life
It cleans things out
So you can build again
Make a new beginning
Come to new understanding

Pain is a gift of life
So …..
“Welcome sadness
Welcome pain
I’ll embrace you
When you come my way!”

Lida Berghuis
July 12, 2010


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