Reading glasses

I have a like-hate relationship with my glasses
I’ve had them for two years, I must confess!

I like them because they help me read
When lighting is poor and I must read tiny print
I like them because they are red
And in colours, red is my favorite!

But I hate them because they show my age
Because they imply that my eyes are not perfect
I feel self-conscious when I put them on
That’s supposed to be my mother or grandma!

But one day I saw a dear friend
Who took out her glasses with much flair
She wasn’t concerned about her age
She felt she had earned her place with grace

With self-assuredness and much poise
She proceeded to put the glasses on her nose!
She looked at her notes and then at us
Very content with her place in life

That made me see my glasses in another light
So what, I’m not twenty or twenty five
Forty and forty five is good too
And so will be sixty and sixty two!!

So the next time I need my glasses on
I’ll try not to snicker and feel awkward
I’ll try to put them on with pride
So I’m getting older, so what?

December 19th, 2008
Story telling at Lisbeth and Wytze’s place
With Fred

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