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To be an immigrant

Imagine having a thousand ideas
But being unable to express them
At least not eloquently

Imagine looking for words and stammering
Each time you want to communicate with someone

Imagine having to start your life over again
But with new rules and different road signs

Imagine having a career but
Having to put it on hold or abandon it for a while

This is how immigrants feel
They feel fortunate to live in freedom
But there is a price to pay
After all, nothing is free in life

Imagine being stuck between
The culture of your parents and your friends

Imagine living under a lot of new rules
Some of them not so obvious

Imagine competing with those for whom
Your new language is their mother tongue

Imagine seeing your friends do things
That you are not allowed

There are the challenges of children and teens
Who immigrate

Most of these issues gradually get resolved
Going through these challenges is an education in itself

But let’s give immigrants the respect they deserve
They literally start their lives all over again
May 1st, 2016

To be an immigrant!

To let go of where one is
In anticipation of going somewhere new!
To have the courage to
Face the unknown!

To be curious
To seek what’s on the other side
Not content with the status quo
Willing to accept the discomfort of change
And starting over
And tolerating feeling lost at times
And homesick too

To see the potential
To want to have new experiences
Realizing that there is so much
That is unknown

To be naive
Not anticipating all the challenges
Or just being so drawn to something novel
That one is willing to accept
The challenge and discomfort

To be an immigrant
A blend of courage and naiveté!
Building on the past
Somewhere new!

Lida Berghuis
February 26th, 2013