To be an immigrant!

To let go of where one is
In anticipation of going somewhere new!
To have the courage to
Face the unknown!

To be curious
To seek what’s on the other side
Not content with the status quo
Willing to accept the discomfort of change
And starting over
And tolerating feeling lost at times
And homesick too

To see the potential
To want to have new experiences
Realizing that there is so much
That is unknown

To be naive
Not anticipating all the challenges
Or just being so drawn to something novel
That one is willing to accept
The challenge and discomfort

To be an immigrant
A blend of courage and naiveté!
Building on the past
Somewhere new!

Lida Berghuis
February 26th, 2013

2 thoughts on “To be an immigrant!

  1. Hi Lida. You mirror exactly our mixed feelings when we left Egypt for Canada. My parents really took a big chance in leaving all behind to face an exciting but uncertain future. Never regretted the decision or looked back. When I see the terrible turn of events in Egypt, I can only admire their foresight back in 1964.



  2. Yes, one definitely takes a chance when immigrating, but I’m glad it worked out for your family. It worked out for ours too, but I find the prents who come with their kids do sacrifice something for the future of their children, and I’m grateful that my parents did that.


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