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Cashew lies down on the floor

Very content 

Without a care

As I blow dry my hair


I’ve been wondering what goes on

In that head of hers as she lies there

I’ve noticed she spends a lot of time

Sitting and staring into space

What is her thought process during these times?

How does she entertain herself?


The times she sleeps, eats, and plays

I understand

But what about when she stares into the distance?


I know dogs are different from people

I should not compare

But this question comes up again and again


Maybe those times are her zen times

Her meditation times

Maybe that’s why she’s so relaxed

Maybe I should meditate more too

It seems to be working for Cashew!


April 17th, 2020

Blanket please!

Natalie walks up from her room in the basement
Carrying her soft green blanket
She loves blankets whether it’s summer, fall or winter
They are her companion when she watches TV
They offer her a warm and soft place to be enveloped in

Another one of her blankets is already on the couch
When I point that out
She says she’d like now

Natalie’s love-affair with blankets goes way back
And anytime I see a soft blanket in a store
I wonderful if I should get it and bring it back

It reminds me of the large fluffy dog she asked for
When she was a child
One she kept in her bed for a long time
Now, Cashew has replaced that dog
She gives the best cuddles and she’s even warm

Natasha used to walk with big blankets around the house
No sweaters or robe de chambers for her
Blankets are much better for staying warm she thought
No matter how impractical

Nick is the only one who doesn’t carry blankets around
And no lounging in pyjamas for him either
He showers and gets dressed first thing in the morning
He seems to like that routine

Children are all wonderful and unique
And that goes for their use of blankets , as you can see

September 12th, 2016

My shadow!

I have a shadow and her name is Shoosh
Shoosh goes wherever I go
She sits next to me on the chair when I read
She naps on my bed when I nap
I go up the stairs and Shoosh follows
I go back down and so does Shoosh

I’m still not used to being followed everywhere
I’m sure the kids would rather be in my place
But when I’m home Shoosh is by my side
When I leave they get her to themselves

Luckily Shoosh is a chill dog
She likes to relax, sleep or just lie down
Who knows what goes on in that head of hers
Who knows what she’s thinking when she stares

Soft places are her favorite
A blanket, a pile of clothes, a duvet!

And true to form, she’s here next to me
I’m sitting on the patio and so is she!