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Challenging times

A59D3B17-348C-4307-853A-08DED68C3F97.jpegThe sky is crying
The world is wet with tears
These are challenging times
People are more aware of their rights and are asking for them
They demand equality
They demand transparency
They are tired of being treated unfairly
They don’t want to remain quiet any longer
They are in the streets
They are letting the powers to be know that they have run out of patience

In a world where the top one percent have privileges that the majority of people don’t have
In a world where the focus is on greed and amassing wealth and increasing one’s power
In a world that we don’t respect the environment and don’t plan for future generations
Patience will run out
Protests will occur
People will march to have their demands heard
The world is on the precipice of big changes

October 28th, 2019


Maybe I feel weak and fragile
Because I am weak and fragile!
Strength comes from another source!

I need not be strong
I just need to plug into
The power that comes to my assistance
When I call on it
When I align my will with it
And it’s not my strength that matters at all!

So being fragile is fine
Weakness is fine
Strength is Divine!
It’s a gift
It’s available to us
When we realize
Where real power lies!

It’s counter intuitive
In a world that sees
The individual as all powerful
And in charge

And that’s why I too forget
How things get done
And that it’s OK to be fragile!

Lida Berghuis
March 6th, 2013

Staying power…

There is a power that only a few of us have
And that does not include me!
This amazing power, my husband has
And my daughter Natasha has inherited it!

It goes like this:

Albert reading an hour, two hours
Three hours or four
With little breaks for lunch and snack!

Natasha working on a story
For hours at a time
So quietly that we forget
She’’s around

Natasha drawing and coloring at the computer
From morning till noon
And then returning to it in the afternoon!

Albert disapearing to the bedroom to rest and staying there all afternoon

To be honest
I couldn’’t do any of these things
I’’d last an hour, max!

Too restless to sit for hours
I need change
The scenery needs to change
And the activity as well

So, that’’s why I say
That Natasha and Albert
Have staying power
And I’’ve grown to appreciate that!

Lida Berghuis
April 30th, 2011