Staying power…

There is a power that only a few of us have
And that does not include me!
This amazing power, my husband has
And my daughter Natasha has inherited it!

It goes like this:

Albert reading an hour, two hours
Three hours or four
With little breaks for lunch and snack!

Natasha working on a story
For hours at a time
So quietly that we forget
She’’s around

Natasha drawing and coloring at the computer
From morning till noon
And then returning to it in the afternoon!

Albert disapearing to the bedroom to rest and staying there all afternoon

To be honest
I couldn’’t do any of these things
I’’d last an hour, max!

Too restless to sit for hours
I need change
The scenery needs to change
And the activity as well

So, that’’s why I say
That Natasha and Albert
Have staying power
And I’’ve grown to appreciate that!

Lida Berghuis
April 30th, 2011

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