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Me time


What do I do when I want to relax?
What do I do to get away from it all?
What do I do for me time?
The answer is simple: I write

Sometimes what I write is interesting
Other times, not so much
The purpose is not always
Creating a work of art
It’s emptying my cup

There is a calm that comes over me
When I write
I can’t explain it
Don’t know why
But that writing is one of my favourite things
There is no doubt
Give me a pen and paper
And a writing spot
Preferably in a coffee shop
And I’ll be happy and satisfied

Why expressing myself
Brings me joy, I don’t know
Why do I have this need to write
I don’t know
All I know is that writing gives me life
Refreshes my soul and cheers my heart

April 21st, 2018

Going digital

I’ve shared with you my trials with my phone book
Now, to that is added the problem of the
Digital phonebook
All the numbers are not in one place
I have to check two places just to be sure

The calendar is a similar beast
Paper, digital, which one should I enlist?
I solve the problem by using both
Which creates problems of its own
Sometimes I forget to put an event in one
Sometimes I forget to put an event in both

Every day I check my paper calendar
But I forget to check the digital one
And if my event wasn’t transferred from the digital to paper…
You see the problem, I’m sure

Albert says to get rid of the paper version for good
Go digital and leave the paper behind
And since my paper calendar just finished for this year
I’ve decided not to get a new one
So I’m forced to use my digital one

The only thing left to do after that
Is transferring all the phone numbers
From my phone book to my phone!

For those of us who grew up with paper
Switching to digital takes much effort

Our children however don’t have this issue
They’ve seen the digital version only
Phone books don’t mean anything to them
A paper calendar is an old thing…

But for those of us who are middle aged
It’s all about making a graceful transition
To digital from paper…

August 1st, 2015