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My laughter


My laughter
Like an explosion of sound
Like thunder over the ocean
Like a waterfall in a lush jungle
Like a cacophony of birds singing
Like blinding lightening
Like a drum roll
Like church bells pealing
Like flashes of light

My laughter
Like hands clapping in joy
Like an orchestra playing
Like the sun shining
Like the wind blowing
Like a volcanic eruption
Like a river rushing by
Like a spring bubbling
Like a rainbow in the sky

January 17th, 2018


His kind words made me cry today
Kind words can do that you know

His kind words made me feel accepted and loved
I felt like I belonged
His kind words tore the veil of silence
And let in the light

Sometimes silence means complicity
Sometimes silence means we don’t want to go there
Things that are difficult to talk about
Remain behind the veil of silence

It takes courage to be kind
In a world that sometimes does not value kindness
At times, kindness is seen as weakness
What an absurd thought, I say

Kindness is like a river to the thirsty one
It’s life giving like sunshine
It’s like music that uplifts the soul
What more could one want?

One drop of kindness sweetens the ocean
Said the sage
This is the power of kindness

Kindness touched my heart today
A river of tears began to flow
Why tears as a response to kindness
I don’t know
I don’t know

December 1st, 2016