I’m home

I’m home

I’m home and I feel surrounded by love
I’m home and I can lay my burden down
I’m home and I can recount my trials
I’m home and I thank the heavens above
I’m home and there is no room for pretense
I’m home and I can be myself

I come here tired and spent
I leave here feeling refreshed and alive
I come with a heavy heart
I leave with joy and delight

I come covered by the dust of the world
I leave free from it all
In our lives, hectic and rushed
This is a place of peace and calm

Your spirit is present in each room
It envelopes my weary soul
Refreshed and consoled I leave here today
Thankful for this piece of heaven on earth

Lida Berghuis
October 26th, 2012
At the Maxwell home in Montreal

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