Nicki does not discriminate!

Nicki does not discriminate
Old or young, boy or girl, friend or stranger
To him, it’’s all the same!
To him, what matters is the
Human factor!
He will talk to anyone
He will become engaged from the start
His enthusiasm and charm
Disarms whoever comes his way
He is accepted right away
He is admitted to the group
And pretty soon
He’’s at the centre
Giving ideas, listening with care
Making you smile
And blowing you away!

And all this he does
Without trying hard
He is almost oblivious
To his own charm
I overhear him talking
To Nat’’s friends
I have to smile
How did he join them?
What does he have to say
To seventeen year old girls?

I look over
And I see his face
So intense!
He is so present
He’’s all there!
He’’s engaged
A bottle of joy
A bottle of charm
Full of energy
Full of life
Who would not want
To be around
This essence of joy
This fountain of love?

Lida Berghuis
March 4th, 2011

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