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Early mornings



I love the early mornings

The day is new and inviting

I’ve slept and I’m rested

It’s quiet and peaceful

I have time to read and think

As my mind gradually awakens

I feel at peace

This is my time with the universe

Time to contemplate and

Remember my dreams

The early mornings

My favorite time

My thoughts are uncluttered

And I’m ready for a fresh start


September 24th, 2018


I inhale as I experience life
I exhale when I write

I inhale when I read
When I listen to other people
I exhale when I write

Writing, something my well-being depends on
Not writing, something I can’t think of

I inhale sadness, joyfulness, confusion, frustration
I exhale when I write

I inhale as I learn the lessons of life
I exhale when I write

Lida Berghuis
Oct. 16th, 2013