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School of Mom…



Mothering is one of the best schools in life
Patience, selflessness, being organized
Being flexible, being inventive, and being kind
Only a few things taught in this school of life
Endurance, problem solving, and creativity are other ones

One has to meet many challenges head on

When I thought I could not wake up again
To a crying child
When problems used to confound me
And I had tried all I could try
I learned to persevere
To problem solve
To open my heart

But eventually I felt burnt out
Because I was last on my to-do-list
And the first to be crossed out due to lack of time
Because I didn’t know the importance of caring for myself
Because I confused it with selfishness

Eventually it occured to me
That to be a good caregiver
I needed to care for myself
I needed an avenue for self expression
I needed a creative outlet

And I realized that
There will never be enough time
There are always things to be done
And that I needed to be an non-negotioable item
On my to-do-list
Not one that woud be crossed out

It’s counter-intuitive but it works
Because when I take care of myself
I can be a better mom!

Lida Berghuis
October 15th, 2013

Drops of rain

Shall I turn the page?
Leave sadness behind?
Keep a smile on my face for a while?

Sounds lovely
Should be doable
But I can’t forget what has been
A trying time

Drops of rain
Travel down the window
Each in a hurry to get down
Then another arrives in its place
Making a new path
As it drops

Some drops travel slower
Some faster
But they all eventually
Get down
Washing the dust off
The window
As they fall

The joy of writing has returned
Words cheer me up again
Writing a release, a pleasure again
I’m making my way back to me again
The ‘me’ that was temporarily misplaced
Hidden or lost

How does one carry on
When one knows
The road to recovery is long?

By the grace of God
Help of family and friends
Sheer will
Absence of choice!

It’s time to look behind
Sigh out loud
And look ahead

Challenges come
They try us
They do their job
And eventually
If we persevere
They move on

It’s time to inhale deeply
Exhale softly
Carry on
Focus on others
Move along

Lessons learned?
Endurance tested?
For sure!

Drops of rain fall one by one
Oblivious of what’s around them
Focusing on their mission
To get down!

September 19th, 2012