Sun of Justice


The difference is conviction

The difference is ardour and being on the side of justice

The difference is they are not obeying anyone

This is their fight

They are the soldiers and the generals

A fire has been lit for freedom

Its flames are growing everyday

The winds of opposition only cause it to spread

You can’t control a wildfire

The energy of youth

Youth who are tired of lies 

Youth who know their rights are being trampled on

Youth who feel they have nothing to lose

This energy feeds the fire

Injustice can prevail for a while

It can maintain its strong grip on power for some time

But those who are tired of corruption and empty promises

Those who long for freedom and equality

They can only be suppressed so long

The night of oppression is dark

But we can see the glimpses of the dawn

A dawn that will come because of the sacrifices being made

A dawn that will have its price

But soon will the sun of justice shine
For the brave people of Iran

September 26th, 2022

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