‘Shoulds’ than strangle!

Shoulds that strangle*
Shoulds that entangle
Shoulds that stop us in our tracks
Shoulds that make us change our plans

Shoulds that are so deep within
That we don’t see them

Shoulds of tradition
Shoulds of convention
Shoulds of fear
Fear of change

Shoulds that depress us
Shoulds that drown us
Shoulds that darken our days so bright

I’’m throwing away these shoulds
These musts
Who makes these rules?
This is my life!

Should do this to be valued
Should do that to be good
Should not do this, or all is lost

It takes courage to
Throw away the shoulds
It takes belief in yourself

Life has a way of showing you
There are no shoulds
When it comes to being yourself

Who you are deep inside
Is marvelous
Is awesome!

These are the shoulds I choose to live by:

Should be authentic!
Should be me!
Should discover what’s deep within
Should learn and explore
Should love and serve
Should make the world
A better place

Should be joyful
Should be grateful
Should know life has ups and downs
Should pay attention
Should meditate
Should pray
Should do yoga!

Lida Berghuis
February 13th, 2011

*Inspired by the phrase: “Shoulds that strangle our passion and creativity”
In Finding Joy!

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