Taking risks

My dad always said
In business, you need to take risks
You’ll win some
You’ll lose some
But you need to take risks to win!

I think in life
We need to take risks as well
In order to become better
In order to change

To do this
One needs to become comfortable
With losing
With being disappointed
With falling down

Life does not end with a loss
When you fall
You just get up!

To risk
One needs courage
The courage to try something different
A new thought
A new paradigm

One needs to be humble
Realize that one could be wrong
Be open to new ways of thought
Slowly, give them a try

The first steps
An a new path
Are the most difficult ones
Once on a path for a while
You wonder why you hesitated
At all

Growing and spreading your wings
Will never end
To new paths we should always
Be drawn

The comfort zone is good for a while
But it’s by accepting discomfort
That we fly!

Lida Berghuis
February 15th, 2011

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