I choose joy!

Let’’s not try to be perfect
Just good enough!
Let’’s have reasonable expectations!
Perfect is usually unattainable
Since we are people, not machines!

Good enough, can be great
If we’’ve done something with Joy
Perfection mingled with misery
Not worth the price we pay
I say

A perfect child
A perfect parent
A perfect marriage
A perfect spouse
Does not exist!
We all have flaws
As painful to hear, as that is!

Demanding perfection
Stresses ourselves and others too
Is perfection wroth that stress?
I don’t think so!

It’s quality of life
Versus perfection in life
I’’d rather have a happy child
Than a perfect child!

All this I write as a perfectionist
On the mend
I know what I’’m talking about
I’’ve been there!

I’’m probably still a perfectionist
In many ways
But I’’m learning to let go
Of joyless perfection!

Lida Berghuis
February 8th, 2011

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