Tub-tub, Nicki says
I give him a kiss
Tub-tub, I say
Nicki reciprocates
Don’t know how this started
But it’s our code now
For wanting a kiss and some love!

Codes like this
Develop at times
Between a parent and a child
Like a unique handshake
Or an inside joke
They bind our hearts together
Bring delight

My dad used to
Hold my hands in his hands
And tell me what
Beautiful long fingers I had
It was his way of saying
I love you
My mom shows her love
Through food
Preparing most delicious meals
With me in mind

So many ways of showing love
Showing what’s in our hearts
Each one unique and wonderful
All that matters
Is that we communicate our love

Lida Berghuis
December 13th, 2010

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