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Lipstick blues…

Mommy, do you have lipstick on?
Then no kisses
Just a hug!

If you kiss me with those red lips
I will have to wipe off
The lipstick!

Hugs I will give you gladly
But just one kiss
For me

But mommy
You have lipstick on
I can’t walk around
With a lipstick mark!

You are so yummy
Your hugs so sweet
But a kiss on your cheeks
I can’t resist!

I’ll wipe off the lipstick
I promise
Now can I have
My little kiss?

Lida Berghuis
June 28th, 2004


Red is a state of mind
It’s fire
It’s creativity
It’s joy

Red is a state of heart
It’s love
It’s friendship
It’s compassion

Red is a state of soul
It’s exaltation
It’s anticipation
It’s flight

Red is a state I like
To be in
Even if it’s From time to time

Lida Berghuis
February 15th, 2013