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The maze of love!

The Rubix Cube
The most intricate jigsaw puzzle
The most challenging maze
All of these cannot compare to the puzzle of love!

The puzzle of love
A living maze
It changes and expands when least expected
Twists are added at whim it seems
While it was complicated to begin with!

The puzzle of love
Not for the faint of heart
Not for those who are not willing to get lost
In the desert of love!

The puzzle of love
About which stories are told
And poems are written
From the time of old

The puzzle of love
The eternal quest
For the heart that accepts the challenge
And makes a start

I was never fascinated
By the Rubix Cube
Or intricate jigsaw puzzles
Of many hues

But I am most intrigued by
The puzzle of love
This living maze
This ultimate challenge of the heart

Lida Berghuis
April 13th, 2004

The maze of life

We start at one corner
Seeking the goal
The way out
We make some false starts
But that’s a must

No perfect way to traverse the maze
Each one chooses a different way

Even though the destination
Seems to be the goal
Each time we make it
Through a maze
We will be invited to start again

No need to rush
Through the maze of life
Better to go slow
Meditate a while
One good move
Better than a few wrong ones

Once we’ve been through
A maze or two
We’ll see the pattern
Discover the groove

We’ll see the value
Of reflection and a slower pace
We’ll realize that there’s no hurry
To get to the end

We’ll focus on the process
Of getting there
Accumulate wisdom
On the way

The maze of life
Passes through desserts dry
Mountains high
Rivers that rush
And forests, lush
The secret is not to give up
When the going gets tough
Not to fear challenges and hard times
They are the most valuable times

The maze of life
Full of twists and turns
The one who designed it
Knew the secret!

Lida Berghuis
September 18th, 2011