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Collection of poetry: Collage of Me



Dear readers,

I’ve recently published a second collection of my poems:  Collage of Me, Reflections on identity and belonging.  It’s the story of how a Persian girl who moved to Canada when she was fourteen dealt with questions of identity.  It’s available on Friday Amazon right now.  Would love to get some feedback on it from you.



The collage



A second book
Another essay on life
My life
With its challenges and trials
With lessons learned
With hope and optimism
Written with love

The collage of me
Is a collage of prose and poetry
The coming together of various experiences
And exploration of various cultures
Of Travel
Of connections
Of fellowship and camaraderie

It tries to answer the questions
Who am I?
And where do I belong?

It explores issues of identity and immigration
And the coming together of East and West
And the essential oneness of man