My painted nails


Different kinds of chemo have different side effects

There could be a funny taste in one’s mouth

Food may not seem as flavour full as before

Nausea is a common one

And hair loss as well as fatigue

There is a strange side effect that involves the finger nails

They start getting darker at the cuticle

And that dark patch expands gradually

First this happened to my thumb nails

And then the other finger nails

My toe nails too

My oncologist said I could paint my nails

But first I decided it didn’t bother me so much

No one was staring at may nails anyway

And this would be over in a few months

Then yesterday I changed my mind

And painted my finger nails and toe nails

It took a while

It was a bit messy

And because I don’t have the patience to let them dry

They got smudged

And I had to paint them over again

But once it was done I found my nails prettier than before

And every time I look at my finger nails now

I’m not reminded of chemo

January 17th, 2023

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