You are victorious


The women of Iran have experienced injustice for so many years

They have been subjugated for decades

Their rights have been trampled upon

Their attire has been dictated to them

No rhyme, no reason

Actually, they have been told they will arouse men

With their uncovered hair and bare ankles

They will promote immortality and indecency 

This is the height of ignorance

A great excuse for controlling women’s lives

These women have arisen to defend their rights

Their right to a peaceful existence

Their right to not be beaten and arrested

For not covering their hair in public

Their right to be treated as equals

Young women’s courage is on display

Their idealism 

Their fearlessness

Their anger built up over the years

The sheer force of their conviction

Their disdain of injustice

They are tired of lies and excuses

They are tired of being told what to do

They want to live a peaceful existence

Be joyful and dance and celebrate life

These young women are our heroines

To them we owe a debt of gratitude

And to those who support them wholeheartedly

And come to their aid and assistance

To those who broadcast their plight

To those who cut their hair in protest and

To those who sing their song of freedom

You will be victorious! You already are!

September 29th, 2022

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