Albert discovers cooking

My prayers have been answered

Albert has discovered he likes to cook

And since he is working from home, that’s possible

Albert loves to marinade

He loves the concoctions that he makes to coat the meet

I guess that’s a bit like his love for chemistry

Me, I don’t like to marinade 

Too much planning ahead

Too much trouble 

And does it really change anything?

Albert loves Indian and Asian food

The spicier the better of course

He knows we can only handle so much spiciness

So he takes that into consideration

Butter chicken, Thai green curry, vegetarian recipes

He’s got a collection now that he can choose from

The good part is that he enjoys it

He’s not doing it out of pity for me

Some weekends Nick and Nat cook as well

So my cooking days are then down to four

I’ll take four out of seven anytime

I like this arrangement a lot

It took over thirty years for this most pleasant development to occur

But I’m grateful that it has

Cooking everyday is such a chore

No one should have to do that 

April 21st, 2021


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