Sometimes Nicholas rests/falls asleep
On the comfortable leather couch in the living room
Just before he’s supposed to go to bed
He looks so comfy cozy

I remind him it’s time to go upstairs
‘But it’s so nice here’ he says
With his eyes closed and mumbling his words

Ten minutes later I call him again
Reluctantly, he gets up half heartedly and walks upstairs

Then instead of going to brush his teeth
He heads to our bedroom
And falls face first, in the middle of the bed
He says our bed is the most comfortable bed
I think the fact that he can postpone brushing his teeth helps

“Just a little longer” he says
When I ask him to get up
And I feel so bad because he looks so relaxed

Eventually he gets up
There is only so long one can postpone going to bed
But I know I’ll miss this routine
When he won’t do it any longer

Reminds me of the time he was little
And would ask me each night
What to dream about
May 11th, 2016

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