Now I know why I love poetry!

Now I know why I love poetry
Because I can be free a as a bird
I can rhyme or not rhyme
I can be serious or silly
I can discuss material or spiritual stuff
I can discuss anything, or nothing at all

Now I know why I love poetry
Because it sets my spirit free
I can travel anywhere
I can meditate on anything
I am free to be who I am
There aren’’t many rules to restrict me

Now I know why I love poetry
Because it saved me when I was lost
It consoled me when I felt lonely
It made me realize what’’s important in life
It brought me joy and helped me fly

I felt enclosed in the cage of tradition at times
Always yearning for freedom
Poetry is what opened the gate
And let the bird of my spirit out!

Lida Berghuis
August 17th, 2011

2 thoughts on “Now I know why I love poetry!

  1. You say “Now” you know why you love poetry – can I ask, out of interest, if there was anything in particular that prompted the creation of this poem?

    I really like it, by the way, each line manages to balance these alternative ideas and your images of achieving what you wanna achieve were very inspiring. Write more!


  2. Thanks for your feedback. I’ve been reading many books on poetry since I started to write, to figure out why is it that poetry matters, why we write poetry, etc. I’m guessing this was written while I was reading a book on this subject.


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