To see the beauty of the unfinished work!
This is the secret to serenity
And peace of mind

Each of us is a work in progress
And we are beautiful
As we are

To appreciate that transformation
Takes time
Nothing of value
Can be accomplished at once

To have the wisdom of looking ahead
to see how what we do
Will affect everyone

To contemplate and consult
Then make a decision
Accept the consequences
Learn, and carry on…

The gardener will be joyous
When the tree bears fruit
But he will love and appreciate
The tree from the time it’s small

He will water the tree
And care for it
Allowing it to grow slowly
In time

Once we manage to do this
Each day can feel
Like how we imagine
The destination to be like

Lida Berghuis
June 21st, 2011

4 thoughts on “Happiness!

  1. Can anyone define the word Happiness? What is Happiness we do not know because every single person has its own meaning of happiness. Finding the ways to be happy in life is only a way that can make everyone happy in this world.


    • Very good point! I think the idea is to be content and happy always. But bringing happiness to others is a great way of feeling happy too, and realizing that we are all connected and interdependent is a sign of wisdom.


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