Coffee grounds

IMG_6463What do you see in the coffee grounds?
Let your imagination roam
Tell me …
Is that a bird? A pair of boots?
Is that a valley? A cliff? Or just some swirls?

Our imagination
A wonderful tool
Let it be free
Let it explore

Too often confined to reason and rules
Our spirit needs to be set free
Go where nothing you create is wrong
All is good
The purpose is joy
Creating beauty
Uplifting souls

Isn’’t it wonderful to get lost in thought
Forget the world
Take a ride on imagination’’s wings
And hear the music no one hears?

Isn’’t it wonderful
To give our intuition a chance
To lead for a change
Not lag

Isn’’t it wonderful to
Be free from restrictions and rules
Of convention
Of the desire for perfection
Of what we think we should do?

Lida Berghuis
February 8th, 2011

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