Second half!

First half
Memories of Mazda
Dabirestane Daneshgah*
Visiting my aunt’s home
In Shiraz
Playing piano
Starting to write

First half
Moving the Canada
Prince of Wales High school
Sept Isles
Meeting Albert
Four years of patience
And of trials

Getting married
One year in Holland
Back to Canada
Two years in Texas
To Ontario

Natalie, Natasha and Nicholas
Sleepless nights
Learning on the job

First steps
First words
First day at pre-school
Grade one
Time begins to fly

Back to teaching
Back to art
Mesmerized by collage

Awakening to poetry
First shaky steps
And so begins
A second journey
The second half
A rebirth of sorts

Tests and trials
Come my way
Each time
I try to learn
Each time
I hope it’’s the last
Not expecting
A relapse!

Sometimes  I see
The wisdom
What I thought
Was punishment
Has had its rewards
My senses have woken up
And I have something to write about

Lida Berghuis
April 28th, 2010


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