The magical throw

The softest ‘throw’ I have ever felt
Was passed to me last night
When I was feeling sad and low

My energy was drained
I was feeling down
I was drowning in a sea of sadness and sorrow

I put it on my legs and felt the warmth
I touched its soft wool and felt seduced

What was this most luxurious material I asked
Goat hair from Russia knitted by women
The answer came back!

I felt it again
It caressed my sad heart
There was a magic in this material

Heather told me that this was
Her special throw
Whenever she felt sad or low
She covered herself in its luxurious warmth
And started feeling better at once

Now, I believe in magic
That comes from love
This magical throw
Made me feel warm and strong

I didn’t want to part with it
But I did
I was feeling stronger and it was time
To leave

But I will remember this magical throw
How it touched me and warmed my soul!

Lida Berghuis
February 5th, 2004
After a visit to Hudson!

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