Wings of dreams


On the wings of dreams
I fly away
In the silence of the night
I listen with my heart

The voice of my grandfather beckons me
He is giving gifts to all
When it’’s my turn, he comes to me
And places a few gold coins in my palm
I was expecting only one
But with gold coins
My hands are filled up

Another evening my dad I see
In this magical world of dreams
I have heard he has passed away
And I have just arrived at the scene
Sorry to have missed his last moments
Wishing I had been there with him

But suddenly he opens his eyes
And smiles a radiant smile
He then holds my hands in his
Like he had done so many times
So happy to see him one last time
So happy to be by his side
I know he won’’t be with me for long
From his cage he’’s ready to fly

I ask him to help me
When things get hard
He assures me he’’ll be there for me

On him I can surely count

My dreams, a solace in my life
My dreams, like a second life

Without them my life incomplete
Without them I am half of me!

Lida Berghuis
December 16th, 2009

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