Butterfly poem #235!

Not long ago
I explored this thought
Who am I?
Who have I become?
Because we start out as caterpillars
And it takes a while
To become a butterfly

The process is long
And painful most times
But the results make it worthwhile
The cocoon is suffocating and oppressive
But those conditions are necessary
For the emergence of the butterfly

And once in the cocoon
We can’t give up
We can’t look back
There is no way but forward
There is no turning back

We tread the path of patience
And steadfastness
And we persevere
And sometimes we burn in the fire of trials
The process of transformation
Is never easy
Always hard

But with a smile on our faces
And with love in our hearts
We concur each obstacle
We survive

The result is a beautiful butterfly
Free to fly
Free to roam the sky
Free to visit flowers from dawn to dusk

Lida Berghuis
March 28th, 2006

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