At the passport office

At the passport office
Colour abounds
Black, brown, and blond, coloured or not!
Curly black hair, with a hint of copper
Braded hair the colour of midnight
Blond hair of various shades
Brown hair, and even bright red!

Some have come in jeans
Some in a fancy dress
A few are wearing shorts
Someone is wearing a suit!

I see a pregnant lady
A baby too
With beautiful black curls
Carefully coiffed

We are all waiting for our chance
To travel beyond the borders of Canada
Into the world
Back home
Or somewhere new

As I look at all the faces
I see the world
Assembled in this waiting room
And I hope the time will come soon
When this diversity will be celebrated
And we will all feel like brothers and sisters
Not just countrymen
Who tolerate each other because they are told to!

Lida Berghuis
June 12th, 2006

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