It can’t be forced!

It’s either there or not!
It can’t be forced
When I write

The poem starts with a thought
I don’t know where it will go when I start

Gradually the poem reveals itself
There is no exact plan, no outline

And after I’m done, it’s truly done
It starts and finishes as I write

Sometimes my thoughts
Taken an interesting twist
Sometimes they surprise me!

My favorite is the poem that seems effortless
It’s there, I don’t need to force it

The rhymes appear one after one
The ideas flow like a river in the sun

Then it’s such a pleasure to write
It’s the best feeling of all!

And after that if a friends reads it
It’s icing on the cake for me

I write because I have to, it’s a need
But how wonderful if others read it

The circle of creation goes round and round
What I have created is re-created in another’s mind

They see things that I don’t see
After all, different lives we’ve lived

That’s the beauty of a work of art
It evokes emotions, different ones!

Lida Berghuis
April 15th, 2010

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