Pure light

When your eyes fall on beauty
Your soul is cheered
When your ears hear a divine melody
Your spirit rejoices

Surround yourself with beauty
To live joyfully
Surround yourself
With purity
To live peacefully

And what you are looking for
Are radiant souls
Those who inspire you
Those whose faces glow

And what you put your energy in
Must be positive things
Projects to help others
Projects to heal

But never forget
To nurture yourself
Otherwise there is little you can do
For those you hold dear

Be thankful  for all
That has come your way
Even for the troubles
And the cares

For as you pass through
The valley of doubt
As you struggle to get up each time
You learn valuable lessons in life
Without them you could not learn to fly

Lida Berghuis
September 1st, 2008
Eliane’s advice to me!

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