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Our ubiquitous technology
Can enhance the fragmentation of our world

When I see someone outside
Especially young adults
They usually have a headphone in their ears
And a phone in their hands

Their gaze rarely meets mine
Since either they are lost in their music
Or texting someone!

I’ve also been guilty of that!
While waiting in line
I gravitate to my phone
Check my mail
My Facebook
And sometimes I don’t realise
That it’s my turn
Because I’ve been looking down!

Friends who go out for coffee or a meal
Have to consciously decide to ignore their phones,
Their messages, their Facebook updates
And even the tweets from the Twitterverse!

I’m guilty of this too!
Sometimes my kids put my cell-phone away
Far from me
So I don’t get tempted to check things!

What happened?
How did we get here?
We walk cell-phone in hand
Can’t leave the house without it
Because we’d feel naked and out of touch!

God forbid, while traveling abroad
We get out of WiFi range
Then, it’s either a matter of paying roaming fees
(The cell phone companies know their stuff)
Or being cut off!

We’ve gotten used to the constant barrage of information
The constant demands made on us
A text from a colleague demands attention
We feel they can’t wait to get a response

And if someone does not respond to our text quickly
We wonder why, what has gone wrong?

Are we super-connected
Or disconnected from ourselves
And those nearby?

Have our lives sped up too much?
That’s why we have slow-movements now!
And we are told to do yoga, to meditate and just slow down

Today I heard one can mediate for thirty seconds
If pressed for time
Even meditation has to be sped up!

I hope that instead of becoming slaves of technology
We can use it properly
I hope we can learn to monitor the amount of info.
We expose ourselves to, and the amount of info. we share!

The middle way
Hopefully we can find that balance one day!

Lida Berghuis
August 31st, 2014

The IV drip of e-mail and text!

Cut off from the IV drip of e-mail and Facebook updates
It’s a throw back to the good old times
When we didn’t have instant communication at our finger tips

Do we have too much information now?
Isn’t it all too much to keep up with?
Do we need to know what someone else is doing every day?
Or perhaps hourly, as on Twitter?

Everything in moderation they say
But it’s not that simple of course
Is it something we can get addicted to?
Do we talk too much?
Have we gone off course?

Receiving texts means your phone can’t leave your side
When someone sends a text they want a response
But what if you don’t hear the ping of the text?
What if your phone is on silent by accident?

Many things can wait of course
But we’ve got used to instant communication
And can’t wait for the next piece of news

This is where discipline comes in
Where instant gratification can take a back seat
But that’s easier said than done
One can make many starts and stops

The lure of the text and the internet is always there
It’s so easy to fall back in its trap
But hopefully we can all find a happy medium
Make good use of social media and the net
But don’t get caught in their quick sand!

Lida Berghuis
June 21st, 2014

The screen rules

We stare into our screens at the coffee shops
Text while we walk
Check our e-mail at the stop light
Talk to seemingly no one as we walk
Our phones don’t leave our sides
God forbid if we lose them
Or leave them behind

We are reachable all the time
E-mails don’t know day or night

E-mail overload
Facebook addiction
These are the diseases
of this century!

People walk on the street
With headphones on
No eye contact
No need for one
If they decide to be very kind
They leave one earphone in
One earphone out

Texting in the classroom is normal
But the ringtone is turned off

These days one screen is not enough
The TV is on, the laptop open
And the phone nearby
Is it possible to focus on three things?
Add doing homework
That’s what I see in my house!

Is it possible to find someone
Without a screen nearby?
Probably not!
But what’s a good age to start?

My 12 year old wants a phone
What he really wants is a toy!
He’s waiting till I update my IPad
He’s next in line
And he knows that

Computer screens have
Grown in size
But small ones can also be found

The next IPhone is around the corner
What else can they really add on?
Our screens become outdated so fast
Soon it’s onto the next new fad!

But for all the complaining I just did
I’m thankful for my IPhone and IPad
They keep me in touch with my friends
And So does Skype
Can’t believe it’s still free of charge!

Lida Berghuis
April 30th, 2012